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This is my family. I think it must be about 1978 or ‘78. I’m the laughing one. I still remember those awful haircuts my mom gave me in her quest to make me look like Dorothy Hamill. My mother is model perfect even in her bathrobe. Today she is a stroke survivor. My little brother is now 6’3” and a fire chief. Sadly, we lost my older sister in 2005. I love the glow on her face. She was so beautiful and she never really knew it.

Photos are such a precious legacy.

Take as a many as you can, every day. One day they will be like precious gems, the memories they hold priceless.

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Not sure what this is but the symbols fascinated me. Another #Glastonbury idiosyncrasy.

#lifestyledesign #livelifenow #weirdstuff

Signs http://wp.me/s4nqYR-signs

Life, of late, has not been easy.

Three months ago my mother fell down the stairs, cracked every bone in her thorasic spine, put her head through the dry wall, and in general came within a whisper of ending it all.

Thankfully she is still with us.

But after her stroke last October, I could no longer stay in England where I live when things in Virginia felt so…fractured.

So I came home.

Home has…

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You can stack them but you can't throw them...

You can stack them but you can’t throw them…

I call myself a Wayseeker – someone who seeks to follow the way of Jesus, This is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

Here is what I have determined about Jesus and his Way thus far:

1. Forgiveness is mandatory.

2. Revenge is not allowed under any circumstances.

3. Judging other people is strictly forbidden.

4. You have to love a lot of unsavory…

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1972-Tri-X-Kids-17aI am at a crossroads.

I stand in the middle, in a place I never expected to stand, with a view I never expected to see. My life is at a crossroads, both literally and metaphorically, and I find myself making decisions I never anticipated would be mine to make.

My mother is ill. She is old before her time due to grief and a stroke and things too numerous to count. She has become the Crone and…

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View my latest photo on Flickr: http://flic.kr/u/2pyZbj/aHsjVAQna4

Open wide….

View my latest photo on Flickr: http://flic.kr/u/2pyZbj/aHsjVAPGC4

Me and my almost 11 year old - ready for Hogwarts in September ;-)

We Were Robbed….but not quite

We were driving through a quaint Welsh village (Betws-y-Coed, since you asked), just getting ready to sling-shot free of civilization and head for the pass at Mount Snowdon, when my husband showed me an email.

The Pass at Mt Snowdon, Gwynedd, north Wales

The Pass at Mt Snowdon, Gwynedd, north Wales

We’d been waiting to receive our security deposit back from a short-term vacation rental. The email was from the “letting” agency informing us…

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Trial By Fire…and Mood Swings

I did everything right with my daughter.

She was exclusively breastfed from birth.  She was carried in a sling, never placed in a playpen, never put in daycare, and co-slept with us from birth. She had a delayed vaccination schedule, and ate home-cooked meals because I was home with her all the time.

1901094_10152194186880516_1532148688_oShe was the perfect Attachment Parenting baby.

And now at the age of almost 11, she is detaching…

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Getting Naked

67277_10150304909605716_979493_nLike most women, getting naked is one of my least favourite things to do.

From the age of about 10, I have been able to catalogue every fault that has appeared on my body.  I know the location of each misplaced freckle, bulge of skin, and stretch mark. I know that my legs are too short, my waist is too long, my arms lacking in definition.

My belly is something that has not been seen…

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